Who we are.

We are an online store that looks to furnish our customers with quality products in a convenient and easy manner. We believe in the joy of shopping and because of that we offer our customers a delightful experience. At Glam UG we believe that you should Indulge Yourself and take a breather!

We deliver quality products to thousands of our digital customer base all over Uganda and East Africa. In case you need to reach out to us, hit the button below.

Why Glam?

We guarantee you convenience in your daily life anytime, anywhere. We bring you all the quality you need at your fingertips.

What we offer:

  • Quality Products 
  • Ease in shopping 
  • Affordability
  • Variety – There’s something for everyone
  • Professional Customer Service

Why join Us?

We connect you to customers online and open your business to a wider pool of online customers so as to help you increase sales. 

We connect you to a healthy challenge with other vendors to help you keep up with trending brands and products on the market.


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